About the Album

The STORY of Wendy Jo Bradshaw’s latest album - FOR MY DAD, is featured in San Antonio’s #1 Contemporary Magazine- SA MONTHLY MAGAZINE https://www.samonthlymag.com/   https://issuu.com/samonthlymag Huge thanks to Waldinei Lafaiete – Editor of SA Monthly Magazine, and photographer at Lafaiete Photography

For My Dad – Wendy Jo Bradshaw is available for purchase in digital mp3 and CD formats, here at wendybradshaw.com and at most major online music retailers including iTunes and Amazon.

“I have not shared much of my original music with the public, preferring instead to stay safe, by singing and recording jazz standards, by the great songwriters of the past. Although my fans have enjoyed these smooth and treasured classics, several friends who are aware of my original compositions, have requested that I record and release my original music.

After much thought, I decided to step out of my comfort zone by featuring one of my latest songs, Traveling, that I composed to accompany a soon-to-be-released children’s book that I also wrote. Now, my quest is to help children heal from the unending onslaught of negativity and personal attacks that they frequently encounter today, especially online. To this end, I have created a character for kids called VIPPI Mouse. His quest is to help each child discover the most valuable treasures in the universe, like themselves, a treasure that is greater than gold.” ~ Wendy Jo Bradshaw

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